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More Information

More Information

Specializing in Your Memories
Few photographers have our professional resources and youthful creativity to capture your one of a kind photographs. We realize that you are a unique individual and we want to capture this in your photographs. For this reason, if you have any special requests, we want to know.

We have a wide variety of backgrounds to create wonderful portraits with whatever props or clothing you bring in at the time of your sitting. Whatever you're interested in (sports, cars, etc.), we will be able to accomidate you with our wide array of backgrounds.

Outdoor Photographs
We have several different locations in which we can photograph in our 14 acre outdoor studio. Settings include a large pond, waterfall, barn, and a multitude of flowers. We have the creative ability to make our studio a fun place to be photographed.

Available upon request to discuss backgrounds, props, clothing, or any special requests you may have. This is not required but makes the actual sitting day a much more fun and relaxed day.

Your Gallery Book
The Gallery Book is a spiral bound book of your images for viewing. The Gallery Book is property of the studio but may be purchased.

Financial Arrangement
Your sitting fee is due at the time you schedule your session. A Pre-Order retainer of $200 is due when your Gallery Book is checked out. This retainer is applied to your order. 50% of your order balance is due when your order is placed, and the final 50% is due when your order is ready for delivery.

How Long
Your Gallery Book will be ready 5 to 7 days after your session is completed. Allow approximately 4 weeks for delivery of ordered products.

Yearbook Requirements
One yearbook picture, black and white or color, will be furnished free of charge. Any additional pictures may be ordered at $3.00 each.

Clothing Tips

Glass glare on some lenses is nearly impossible to avoid, so please bring along a empty pair of frames similar to your own. This will avoid any extra charges to remove glass glare. Many optometrists will lend you a pair of empty frames at no charge.

Clothing Suggestions
We suggest you bring distinctively different clothing styles. When you bring a combination of formal, casual, fun, and outdoor clothing styles, we can provide you with more variety in your proof book. For traditional studio portraits, wear medium to dark tones. Earth tones work well also. For outdoor casuals, medium tones are good and solid colors or subtle patterns are best.

Sun Exposure
We suggest that you avoid the sun right before your senior portraits. Tan lines and burnt skin do not photograph well. If you are burnt you may choose to reschedule your appointment, but be aware the later your pictures are taken into the year, the longer it takes to get your final order back.

What You Should Bring
Here's where the fun really starts. Part of what makes our photography better is that we work really hard to bring out the many sides of your personality. Bring your musical instrument, letter jacket, even your pet — whatever is important to you. Anything you come up with, we'll be happy to include in your portraits.

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