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Cutie Contest

The Duree by Schulz Cutie Contest is for children ages 6 months through 12 years, and runs January through April. The sitting fee is $40 and includes the 5 x 7 entered into the contest. We welcome props or any ideas that would individualize your child's portrait.

Children Portraits

Clothing Suggestions: We have come to find out through trial and error, that 2 outfits are what children will put up with before they get upset with having to change clothes . We recommend 2 outfits, one more casual and one dressy. Accessories such as hats, belts or shoes can really make an outfit.

Props: We encourage you to bring any sort of props that fit your child and the photo you want to achieve. Bring what interests them. Capturing the child at this stage in their life is what we want to do, and using what they love is a great way to remember that stage. timing: Especially with younger children, when you book your appointment, be aware of nap times. We want to get a child at their peak of happiness, whether that be morning or afternoon.

Don't Stress Out! Moms always stress out way more than is needed! If you plan ahead and have your child's clothes laid out and ready to go, that will take some stress out of the day. Also, being 10-15 minutes early for your sitting always ensures that you have time to get your child dressed and looking their best for their portraits. If you are bringing more than one child at a time, we have found that bringing an extra hand, whether it be Grandma or just a friend helps.
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